Joint Ph.D. candidate at Université de Lille and KU Leuven campus Kulak in congnitive psychology

I have accomplished a BSc in Psychology at Central China Normal University (2016 ) and an MSc (research) in Cognitive neuropsychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2018). Currently, I am pursuing my joint Ph.D. degree at Université de Lille (France) and in KU Leuven campus Kulak (Belgium) .

My primary academic interests are exploring the neural correlates of human basic cognitive processes, reciprocally, how these cognitive processes could have represented in cortical areas in the human brain.

During my Ph. D., I focus on the research field of visual perception and numerical cognition, and I am working on my thesis project the role of visual crowding in perceived numerosity under the supervision of Prof. dr. Bilge Sayim and Prof. dr. Bert Reynvoet.

P.S. Please contact me if you’d like to voluntarily participate my experiments at Université de Lille.

Miao at Amstel River, Amsterdam, 10/04/2018.
Miao at Amstel River, Amsterdam, 10/04/2018.